Keeping up with Assistive Technology

3 February 2017

Assisstive Technology

Keeping up with assistive technology

One in ten Australians rely on assistive technology in their daily lives. The last fifty years has seen significant leaps in technological advances of the healthcare industry with extensive research and development dedicated to the innovative products that enhance the quality of life for our disabled and aging communities.

Experts predict rapid growth in the industry to continue as aging populations and a growing number of hospitals are driving government initiatives and the global market.


Advances in assistive technology: What can we expect?

From jar openers to pressure care mattresses, it seems there’s almost a gadget for every need, if not now, perhaps in the making. Assistive technology is usually broken down into four main product groups. Personal Care, Daily Living Aids, Communication and Mobility and cover a very broad range of disabilities stemming from injury, old age, disease or conditions.

Once upon a time it was only the very wealthy that could afford a wheelchair or prosthetic limb. As the demand for these items grow, many are becoming more affordable and within reach of those on a tight budget.

Brilliant minds are trialling exciting products such as robotic exoskeletons powered by response signals from the user’s brain. This device can allow paraplegics to stand and even walk!

Imagine a wheelchair that can go up and down stairs and self-drive.

Consider the possibilities that can arise from developments in gesture-controlled devices or those that you can manipulate by just thinking.

Some of these items may not eventuate; some are just around the corner and will be life changing for those with a disability or reduced mobility.


Mobility and daily living aids, how do you know what’s out there?


Some people suffer for several years without searching for assistive items that weren’t widely available when they first developed the need. We’re frequently met with surprise when people visit our showroom or browse our online store at the sheer array of items now available. Ease your everyday difficulties or convert your home to a safer space to enhance your opportunity to keep mobile, active and enjoying life.

There is a misconception that assistive technology retailers are all about sales. The truth is that it’s largely a service-based industry where many established and dedicated specialist retailers invest heavily in hiring and up skilling their staff to ensure the ‘perfect fit’ between person and aid. The team at ARE are passionate about providing the best advice and service in the industry and staff regularly attend relevant training sessions, conferences and seminars wherever possible to ensure they are at the top of their game and to keep on top of emerging trends and industry advancements.


Technology is showing no signs of slowing, so why should you?

Have you had the same equipment for many years? Perhaps it’s time for an upgrade. You may be surprised at the affordability or funding and hire opportunities that may be available to you.

We guarantee you that if you have a need for something, so will hundreds of thousands of other people. There’s bound to be someone working on it. Don’t give up, speak to our team about keeping an eye on product developments for you, what may not be available to you today, may well be on its way tomorrow.


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