Life After Experiencing a Stroke

14 February 2022

Life after a stroke
Experiencing a stroke can be life changing but here are some tips on getting back on your feet

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COVID-19 Update

30 March 2020

Important details about the COVID-19 pandemic An important update regarding COVID-19/Coronavirus and the precautionary measures being implemented by ARE and the actions required of their staff, clinicians and clients.

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Regaining Independence After a Stroke (And the Story of one Person who Used an Electric Wheelchair to do it!)

23 October 2019

Recovery after a stroke
A stroke can devastate your mobility and leave you feeling like you have to rely on others for everything. Here are five tips that will help you to regain your independence.

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New Traralgon Showroom & Clinic Facility Now Open!

30 October 2018

Traralgon Showroom Clinic + Facility is Now Open
We are excited to introduce you to our new showroom!

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What Causes Falls Injuries and How to Prevent This

27 August 2018

How to prevent falls from happening in the home Why elderly people may fall at home, and how to reduce falls risks.

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Four reasons to choose a four wheel scooter over three wheel scooter

20 August 2018

Reasons to choose a four wheel scooter over three wheel scooter What are the differences in three or four wheel scooters, and what is best for me?

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Is it Safe to use Bed Poles or Bed Sticks?

9 August 2018

The safe use of bed poles or bed sticks Learn about the possible implications of using a bed pole or bed stick.

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Top tips on Crutches Everyone Should Know

2 August 2018

Top tips on crutches everyone should know What types of crutches are best suited for your needs, and how do you use them?

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Top factors to consider when caring for a Bariatric Patient

2 August 2018

Bariatric clients - Everything you should know With the right skills and equipment, caring for a patient shouldn't be overwhelming

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What are the differences with power wheelchairs?

19 July 2018

Rear Wheel Mid wheel or Front Wheel Power chair Rear wheel drive, front wheel drive, or mid wheel drive?

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Why use a Lift Chair?

8 June 2018

Why use a Lift Chair Could a lift chair assist you?

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The Biggest Challenges with Pain Management, and What You Can Do to Manage these

1 May 2018

Challenges with pain and the best ways to manage this Living with pain can be a distressing and debilitating thing. Learn about the options with managing this pain.

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Slings: All you Need to Know

22 February 2018

Slings - All you need to know With so many sling variations and uses, it can be confusing to understand which sling will best suit each individual requirement.

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Transit vs Self-propelled Wheelchairs

12 February 2018

Wheelchair Benefits and Considerations Learn about the differences between transit and self-propelled wheelchairs, and which style could best suit your application.

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Why use a Pressure Care Cushion?

2 February 2018

Benefits of Pressure Care Cushions Is pressure care really that important?

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The Best Anti-Slip Mats for Bathrooms

13 November 2017

102517 - Anti-Slip Matting Making bathrooms as safe as possible

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How do I Engage an Occupational Therapist?

1 November 2017

Engaging an Occupational Therapist A quick guide to point you in the right direction

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Supporting Steptember

24 October 2017

Supporting Steptember Cerebral Palsy and the Steptember Campaign

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Charging Your Scooter or Powerchair

31 August 2017

Mobility Scooter care guide Learn about the small actions you can take to help optimise and lengthen the life of your mobility scooter or powerchair in a big way.

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Better Representation of People With Disability in Australian Media

14 August 2017

Better Representation of People With Disability in Australian Media It’s been a long time coming, but disabled people are starting to feature much more heavily in Australian advertising and other media, a change that has been welcomed by many.

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Meet Teleport, the Robot Helping Differently-abled People Be in Two Places at Once

7 August 2017

Meet Teleport the Robot Helping The Differently-Abled Be in Two Places at Once Meet Teleport, the newly developed robot that can be operated remotely with just the blink of an eye. This exciting development has great potential for people with disability.

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Makayla Gallehawk Dances Through Life with Passion

1 August 2017

Makayla Gallehawk Dances Through Life with Passion Makayla Gallehawk has always been passionate about dance, and having the help of disability service Choice, Passion, Life has given her the power to live her dream.

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Planet Abled – Travel Options for the Differently Abled

24 July 2017

Planet Abled Travelling is challenging, and it can be particularly hard for disabled people. One company seeks to change that – Planet Abled is making travel accessible to all.

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Pilates Routines Suit Those with Cerebral Palsy and Multiple Sclerosis

17 July 2017

Pilates helps people with Cerebral Palsy + MS A new form of pilates helps remove the barriers to exercise that wheelchair users face, so that people with cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis can now enjoy the benefits.

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Diffability Hollywood: The New Documentary Chronicling the History of Disability in Film

10 July 2017

Diffability Hollywood A new documentary smashes stereotypes about the portrayal of disabled people in film, with the aim of improving inclusion for directors, actors and writers with disabilities.

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The Case For Fidget Spinners: Why This New Fad is a Useful Tool

3 July 2017

Fidget Spinners Some schools have banned them as a distraction, but are fidget spinners just another fad toy or are they a useful therapeutic tool for some children? Turns out, they can be both.

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Optimising Documentation Skills for Clinical Justifications

21 June 2017

Documentation skills Effective documentation is essential to getting great results from therapy, and in helping your clients secure access to the funding and equipment they need to thrive.

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NDIS Information Session - Warragul

21 June 2017

NDIS Information Session Provider readiness information session

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Sources of Funding and Support for People With Disability

15 June 2017

Community Funding Life can be expensive for people who have a disability, but there are a number of government and non-profit resources that can help alleviate the financial burden.

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Spark of Life: Giving the Gift of Communication to Dementia Patients

8 June 2017

Discover the program that is changing the lives of people impacted by dementia

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Screenability Adds Diversity to the Sydney Film Festival

1 June 2017

Screenability Introducing Screenability, the new initiative designed to help disabled people enter the film industry and to showcase their diverse array of stories.

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Supporting Biggest Morning Tea

29 May 2017

BMT Supporting those affected by cancer

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Handy gadgets you might not know even exist

10 May 2017

handy gadgets Learn about what may be out there to make your life easier!

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Amazing apps for disabilities

13 April 2017

Amazing Apps Do you have a disability? Find out if there may be an App to assist you!

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Sale to Sea

11 April 2017

sale to sea 2017 Disability Kayak Challenge 2017

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Planning your next trip away

22 March 2017

planning your trip Wheelchair friendly holiday ideas!

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Keeping Social In The Golden Years

9 March 2017

Keeping SocialEmbrace the beginning of a new chapter of your life!

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Keeping In Touch: Communication Aids For Your Elderly Loved Ones

2 March 2017

Keeping in Touch2 How to keep in the loop with the assistance of communication aids

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Defying the Disabled Label

16 February 2017

Defying the Disabled Label Got a dream? Want to achieve? Don't let life's obstacles daunt you; be the unstoppable

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Keeping up with Assistive Technology

3 February 2017

Assisstive TechnologyGetting to know what's out there in the big wide world

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The Right Ramp for Your Home

27 January 2017

Ramp Access A guide to choosing the right ramp for your home

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Experiencing Road Trauma: A Firsthand Account

12 December 2016

Road Traum Experiencing Road Trauma on a Personal Level

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How to make your bathroom safe for your elderly loved ones

1 December 2016

Bathroom Safety Maintaining safety all in aspects of the home.

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How to Prevent Bedsores: Exercises for pressure care patients

23 November 2016

112316 Prevent bedsores Help to maintain health and decrease the risk of pressure injuries with these simple methods.

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How to 'Age in Place': Help your Loved Ones Stay at Home for Longer

24 October 2016

Aging in Place “Age is an issue of mind of matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn't matter.” – Mark Twain There are a lot of challenges with getting older. We explore the options and challenges of aging in place.

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Accessible Travel for You and Your Loved Ones

12 October 2016

Tourism Gippsland Being in a wheelchair or having another disability doesn’t have to be a limit to your ability to travel. You can be inspired by the Gippsland region’s diverse range of accessible visitor experiences and accommodation options.

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Wheelchair Sporting Activities in Gippsland & Victoria

12 October 2016

Wheelchair Sports Disabilities can create barriers for people when trying get more involved in their local community. At Access Rehab, we provide solutions for independence, in supplying daily mobility but also allowing our clients to have access to a range of social and fun activities.

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Dogtober: Super Pups Can Make a Difference In Your Community!

26 September 2016

Dogtober Dogs are not only man's best friend for the visual impaired community, but also for other disabled individuals as well. Assistive dogs are amazing supportive aids for individuals for mobility assistance and daily living. Learn more about these amazing canines in this blog.

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Reaching for Gold: Aussies Athletes to Watch at this Paralympics

8 September 2016

Paralympians to Watch in Rio 2016 Who should you be watching at this year's Rio Paralympics?

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How to get involved with Steptember

29 August 2016

Steptember Wouldn't you love to do something to help aged and disabled individuals and at the same time improve your fitness level? Then why not sign up for Steptember!

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What to Look Out for After a Fall

15 August 2016

What to Look Out for After a Fall Having a fall is an unfortunate risk of getting older. For ageing adults, falls can be a result of medication, underlying illness or low blood pressure. Our team shares some things to monitor after a fall.

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What to Look Out for During the Rollout of the NDIS

3 August 2016

NDIS Image Access Rehab is getting ready for the nationwide rollout of the NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme). Find out whether you are eligible and what to expect from the NDIS in 2016 and 2017.

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May Update!

13 May 2016

May Newsletter View our May Newsletter...

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Getting Your Home Ready - Knee or Hip Surgery

17 November 2015

How to best prepare your home to facilitate safe surgery recovery

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Introducing our Latest Paediatric Equipment Range!

16 October 2015

Paediatric Banner Check out the Ottobock and Leckey products that we provide.

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Steptember Update

7 October 2015

Steptember Update Access is proud to announce we competed in the Steptember challenge

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Navigating Public Transport

29 September 2015

Transport Banner 1 What are your transport options after losing your license?

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Ottobock Training Day

3 September 2015

Ottobock Training Day Thanks to all those who attended and helped make this an enjoyable day!

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Supporting Steptember

1 September 2015

Steptember Banner Raising funds for those with Cerebral Palsy through competing in the Steptember campaign

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ARE's Latest Product Catalogue

18 August 2015

Secure your copy today!

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Positioning is Everything – Do you have what it takes?

29 July 2015

Join our Continuing Personal Development Day on 28th August 2015 to gain an insight into the way to master daily life across a 24 hour spectrum through concepts and advice explained by Ottobock Occupational Therapist & Development Manager Joelle Clamp.

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