Etac Active reacher - 450mm & 700mm

Etac Active reacher  45 and 70 cm
Etac Active reacher  45 and 70 cm
Etac Active reacher  45 and 70 cm


Made to the very highest standards of quality, the Etac Aktiv Reacher has been designed with an ergonomic handle that makes reaching and gripping easier for people who have a restricted reach or arm or hand mobility issues.

Material Handle, key and jaws: polycarbonate and ABS Forearm support and jaw bracket: Polyamide Tube: aluminium


  • Lightweight
  • Handle is angled to utilize the strength in the hand and provide an effective grip
  • Index finger support on the handle which gives improved precision
  • Jaws are covered in hardwearing rubber for good grip and increase in product lifespan
  • Adjustable vertical or horizontal grip for optimal reach
  • Magnet in the handle to help pick up metallic objects
  • Minimal grip strength is required to lift items of up to 1kg in weight
  • Outstanding precision in picking up small items


From $43.45
Product ID:H311 - H314

Everything is within your reach with our versatile range of reachers and grabbers!

At Access Rehab Equipment, we offer a range of reachers designed to make life easier for individuals with reduced mobility, limited reach, or dexterity challenges. These long handled pick-up reachers allow you to retrieve items that are difficult to access without the need for bending or straining. Long handled reachers are  perfect for people dealing with back issues or recuperating from recent health concerns, injuries, or surgeries.

We offer lightweight models that feel like an extension of your own arm with easy to use control and a safe and secure grip of your target item.  The pick-up reachers’ jaws can open wide as well as lift the smallest item. They are available in several models and lengths to suit various requirements.  

There’s no need to strain yourself when you can opt for the safety and comfort of our reachers and grabbers instead.

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