WHILL C2 Folding Powered Wheelchair

Whill Model Ci Power Wheelchair

  • Enjoy a more compact design compared to traditional power mobility devices, making maneuvering in tight spaces easier.

  • Experience an impressive 45% tighter turning radius compared to tiller operated mobility devices, allowing you to navigate narrow paths with ease.

  • Benefit from our patented front omni-wheels, which enable precise turns and exceptional coverage across various terrains.

  • Store your belongings and groceries securely in the large under seat basket, ensuring convenience and peace of mind.

  • Feel the power of two robust motors and the engineered stability that ensures a smooth and controlled ride.

  • Stay safe and confident with electromagnetic brakes that guarantee reliable stopping, even on inclines.

  • Drive straight on side slopes thanks to the anti-sway system, providing enhanced stability and control.

  • Customize your driving experience for maximum comfort by easily adjusting seat height, back support angle, and controller position (right or left drive) on the Model Ci.

  • Simplify transportation and storage with the Model Ci's quick disassembly into three lightweight components.

  • Take advantage of remote control capabilities and manage speed settings using your iPhone. (Please note that the Android app currently does not offer remote driving capabilities.)

  • Keep your mobile devices charged on the go with the built-in USB port, ensuring you stay connected wherever you are.

Experience a wheelchair that empowers you to embrace life's possibilities. Introducing the WHILL Model C2 - your gateway to an enhanced lifestyle.

Unleash your adventurous spirit! With the Model C2, you can effortlessly conquer obstacles up to 5cm in height. Its two powerful motors and large front omni-wheels provide remarkable strength, enabling you to navigate various terrains and explore new horizons.

No more discomfort while driving over bumpy roads or encountering obstacles. The rear wheel suspension of the Model C2 ensures a smooth and comfortable ride, absorbing impacts and maintaining stability throughout your journey.

Flexibility and convenience are key. The Model C2 is designed to make transportation hassle-free. It can be easily disassembled in just four simple steps. Follow these instructions:

  1. Remove the battery.

  2. Raise the lever located under the seat.

  3. Pull the seat upwards.

  4. Pull the lever on the side of the battery towards you to separate the parts.

    Now, you can take your Model C2 with you wherever you go. Whether it's a weekend shopping trip or a family vacation, this wheelchair enables you to live life to the fullest, ensuring you never miss out on the experiences that matter most.


Product ID:WHILL
450 - 500mm
18 km

Powerchair wheelchairs are motorised wheel chairs which take away the pressure of propelling and allow you to go further. Power wheelchairs are also designed to tackle difficult terrain that may be too challenging or tedious for other wheelchairs. Featuring larger wheels for handling rough terrains and a tighter turning radius for easy maneuvering, these chairs provide both support and comfort while retaining the power to take wherever you need to go.

Combining comfortable seating with the durability to handle outdoor surfaces, power wheelchairs are an excellent choice for individuals who enjoy venturing outdoors without sacrificing comfort. 

At Access Rehab Equipment, we offer a variety of styles, models, colors, and customisation options to help meet your unique needs. We proudly carry some of the most competitive power wheelchairs from leading manufacturers, including Sunrise Medical, Shoprider, Glide, Pride Mobility, Otto Bock, Magic Mobility, and more.
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