Care Wave Semi-Fowler Postural Cushion

Care Wave SemiFowler Postural Cushion
Care Wave SemiFowler Postural Cushion
CareWave Semi-Fowler Postural Cushion for positioning

This cushion adapts to all morphologies and can be implemented in a variety of ways. It gives support and holds the patient comfortably in a semi-fowler position. Place the cushion under the legs, the abduction module forward between knees.

We recommend adding a cylindrical cushion under the ankles for more comfort and to reduce pressure of the heels on the bed.


  • Designed for leg support, providing abduction and pressure relief for the heels
  • Adapts to all morphologies
  • Provides incredible trunk & head support
  • Multiple support points
  • Hugely versatile
Product ID:7007-185
50cm W x 35cm D x 12cm H
70cm W x 50cm D x 14cm H

Positioning while we sleep is just as important as daytime positioning in wheelchairs and seating. With the right support, we can prevent asymmetries and decrease the risks of destructive postures. 

The value of a restful sleep is undeniable, especially to people with limited mobility. With a selection of specialised cushions available in various shapes and sizes, our range of Care Wave Sleep and Positioning system offers a gentle introduction to nighttime positioning suitable for individuals of all ages. These cushions are versatile and provide dynamic support to comply with your specific needs and requirements. 

Our 24 hour sleep positioning systems are popular with those living with Cerebral Palsy, Spina Bifida and Muscular Dystrophy.

This 24 hour sleep positioning system features a special combination of polystyrene micro-beads and stretchable Polyurethane covers that can be adjusted to provide targeted pressure relief and exceptional comfort and support, turning every night's sleep into an experience of pure well-being.

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